How Best to Recover From a Home Fire

A Distressful Experience

Experiencing a home fire disaster can be very distressing, the sense of loss as you see everything that you have worked for a turn to ashes in a matter of minutes can be overwhelming. All you can hope for is all is not lost.  It could be that fire damage is not that extensive, and you will be able t restore some areas of the house, and some of your other possessions are still salvageable. To accurately find out the extent of fire damage, you will have to have the fire damaged property assessed.

Who Can Do the Fire Damage Assessment?

Considering the loss you have just experienced, it would seem logical to want to save some money by doing the cleanup process yourself right away.  However, before doing anything, the first thing you should do is to call your insurance provider to find out if fire damage is covered under your homeowner’s policy. If your homeowner’s policy covers fire damage, then your insurance provider’s adjuster will have to inspect the premises to be able to come up with an estimate of how much can be paid from your insurance policy to restore your home. To speed up the fire damage assessment and cleanup process, it would be wise to hire the services of a professional water damage restoration company. The restoration company will be able to give a proper estimate for the damage restoration and give the estimate to the insurance company.  This process will also let you know if your house will be safe to enter and identify the materials required for the repair and the equipment that needs to be brought in for cleanup and remediation. We have listed below some significant aspects to consider to get a correct fire damage assessment.

Surface Damages

The first things to check are the surface damages. Starting from the outside check the roof for missing shingles, the chimney if it still intact and other items that might have disintegrated because of the fire. The damaged items and areas should be photographed or video recorded for more accurate documentation of the damages for the insurance claim. Inspect the yard and surrounding areas, as well as all exterior surfaces, for damages.

Interior Damages

Subsequently, the inspector should check the inside of the home to see if there are other evident damages such as the walls, roof, ceilings, bathroom fixtures, doors, and windows of all the rooms.  They will be able to assess if these can just be repaired or must be replaced.  The basement should inspect if you have one.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Right after the professional restoration company has done the fire damage inspection and assessment of all the parts of the house – inside, outside as well as the surrounding premises, the next thing to be done is cleaning up the premises of debris and excess water, soot and smoke. Despite the cost, hiring professional fire and water damage restoration service is probably a wise decision. They will have the training, experience and the proper equipment to deal with the fire, smoke, soot and water damage to your home. Getting professional help will not only save your home from further damage due to your lack of experience in disaster cleanups, but it could also save you time and possibly money as they can complete the job accurately and expeditiously.